Sunday, July 26, 2009

The blog has moved!

I had an email from someone who reads my blog to say that the site was looking very tired and boring. Tired AND boring??? That made me sit up and think, "WOW!"

I know the ferret friends I have made through this blog read this but I never thought that I would be criticised for having a boring site by someone I didn't know!

Okay, I thought, what to do ..... so I gave this plaintive cry to my dearest husband :)

"PHHHHILIPPPP!!! Help me please!!!"

And the dear man did :)

He produced a WordPress blog for me and so I invite you all to join me there. Hopefully the anonymous person who criticised my blog's boringness will enjoy it too ;-)

I look forward to catching up with you at the WordPress version of ... ta dum, drum roll ...

One thing Philip asked me to mention - he unfortunately couldn't transfer all the names of you wonderful followers of my blog over to WordPress smoothly so he asked if you would be so kind as to sign up again as followers. I would hate to lose you all in this changeover :)

Many thanks!!


Jacque Carlyle said...

Nona I for one don't find your site boring. I've on the other hand found you & your site very helpful. Hey !!! Do you think I can borrow your sweet husband to help me with all this new computer stuff. LOL
Many thanks & Hugs to your sweet kids

Nona said...

Thanks for your kind words, JC! Well, I hope you'll find the new blog even more interesting as I am trying to do new stuff on it so that my readers will get lots of information more often than I was able to produce on this site.

Sure, JC - jump on a plane and come spend a week with us. Philip would be delighted to help you with your computer and he's a great teacher too :-D